Stars Against Cancer: Now women are starting to take off

stars vs cancer
Now women take off

The men gave up – now it’s the women’s turn. On Vox’s “Showtime of my Life – Stars against Cancer,” eight famous women take on cancer prevention Tuesday night. Her motto: “If we can take our clothes off here, you can do the same at your doctor.”

This year’s edition of “Showtime of my Life – Stars Against Cancer” will be Tuesday evening at 8:15 p.m. on Vox (also on RTL + available) in the second round. If famous men dropped their covers for the first time last week, now it’s women’s turn.

A total of eight women participate. They include actresses Susan Sidropoulos and Sabine Kak, coordinators Sonya Krause and Tanya Poulter, model Lily Baker, comedian Nicole Jagger, and breast cancer activist Caroline Kotke. Former “Gute Zeiten, Schlechte Zeiten” actress Silla Sahin-Radlinger is also present, although she cannot be seen in the previously posted photos of the series.

Yes, women will actually undress on the show – to wake people up to go regularly for cancer screening. “If we take off our clothes in front of an audience of millions, you will definitely do so in front of your doctor!” It is the motto of the show. Meanwhile, Susan Sidropoulos explains: “It’s more of a spiritual nudity than a nudity.”

More than dancing

In order to prepare for the challenge, the notable women are supported by “Let’s Dance” juror Motsi Mabuse and fashion designer Guido Maria Kretschmer. But the participants should learn not only the steps to dance, but also to sing. They recorded Christina Aguilera’s “Beautiful” together for their final performance.

Sonia Krause remembers laughing: “My mother always said: ‘Sonia, if you start singing, the milk will spoil! “In a way, singing also means getting naked,” says Sila Shaheen-Radlinger.

On the other hand, presenter Tanya Poulter had a very special relationship with the song since she herself had breast cancer. She explains, “I used to sing the song because it’s a beautiful melody. Now I have scars on my body caused by the operation. That’s why the content of this song took on a completely different meaning.”

plaster cast and spot

But this is not all that women can expect in the figure. They also make their breasts out of plaster and launch an advertisement to demand breast cancer prevention. The corresponding scan saved Sonia Krause’s life — just before filming the show, she was diagnosed with breast cancer: “I’ve had both breasts removed and reconstructed — and I’m having chemotherapy,” she recently revealed.

Since then, Sonia Krause has received a lot of encouragement and recognition. Guido Maria Kretschmer also praised her courage: “The stage you’re going through is really not a walk in the park. And I find it wonderful that she shares it with us, people you don’t even know.”

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