Problems with Messenger service slack

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Deutsche Telekom’s mobile network has been under severe restrictions since 12 noon on Tuesday. Page Several thousand failures or disruptive welcome statements. Cities such as Munich, Berlin and Frankfurt were particularly affected.

Not only the mobile network but also the internet connections are affected. According to alle, about 44 percent of problems are related to the fixed line Internet, 29 percent to the mobile phone and 27 percent to the mobile Internet.

Software error causing interruption

BILD’s telecom spokesman: “Currently, phone calls, text messages and cell phones can be compromised through the LTE network. Our technicians confirm the internal software error.

Data usage via LTE and telephony via 2G continued to work without restrictions. When communicating on the phone via LTE, “long call setup times or errors may occur”.

The spokesman continued: “We are working on debugging and will continue to provide information.” Telecom has also opened before. Twitter Gave voice.

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In addition to the D1 network, Telecom also provides infrastructure for other mobile phone providers, such as Congstar. That’s why there are technical issues here as well “Net World” Reported.

Troubles even with slack

Besides telecom, slacking the messenger service also causes problems. Reports increased here Massively at about 3 p.m.

Here, too, it is not yet clear how the error occurred and when it will be corrected.


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