SpVgg Greuther Fürth - 1. FC Union Berlin: Highlights

Harvard Nielsen shouted everything. All the frustration, all the sarcasm, all the agony of the past few weeks. In the 56th minute he fought for the ball after a corner kick and somehow made it over the line. Now he drowned in a group of his teammates and patted his chest – exactly where the green shamrocks decorated the shirt.

For a season and a half, 24 matches, and 2,160 minutes, Forth actually played in his first Bundesliga title at his own stadium. There was never a victory. Even today. So this 1-0 against 1. FC Union Berlin. Damn defeated.

Forth shivering victory over time

There were anxious minutes that Grether Forth had to go through. The half hour between 1-0 and the final whistle must have seemed like an eternity. Time and time again, the dangerous Berlin attack on Max Kreuz and later Taiwo Ooni reached the gate of Forth. But each time there was some leg, part of goalkeeper Sascha Borchert’s body or Berlin’s foot between the ball and the goal line and protecting the victory from complete suffering.

Forth has defended in the last 10 minutes with everything he can. There were almost no relief attacks in the final stage. Something like this can’t go well, that’s what they usually say in games like this. Especially with this defense, which has already received 46 hits. But the goal – did not fall. Aouni’s header from five yards in the 90th minute was the last time Borcher’s shuddered. But the ball flew over the penalty area.

First win of the season for Leitl

For Fürth, this is the first win of the season. Fourth point in 15 games. In the last place, of course, this does not change anything. But it is determined by how the team surrounding coach Stephen Little will approach upcoming training sessions and matches. At the final whistle it was possible to see the burden that fell on Forth’s shoulders.

“It was very important for us today. Today was a great performance from every player. The focus was on defense from the start,” said Nielsen, the winning team’s top scorer after the match at Dazen, noting a change in Little’s tactics. : “We wanted to stand still, not as high as usual. And it worked.”


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