The Belgian ambassador to South Korea is due to leave the country without “further delays” after his wife engaged in a second physical argument within months. The decision was made by Belgian Foreign Minister Sophie Wilmes according to standard media reports. So the departure of the ambassador is faster than originally planned.

After an initial incident in early April, Wilmus had already decided that Ambassador Peter Lesco Hier would leave South Korea. However, the ambassador is expected to remain in Seoul until the end of July. Apparently they did not want to wait long in Brussels.

Background The behavior of Lesco Hier’s wife. This already sparked a scandal in South Korea four months ago. At that point, he hit a clerk in a clothing store. The seller was accused of robbing his shop. Surveillance cameras recorded the scene. The video was later shared on social media. The incident worsened relations between South Korea and Belgium.

Dispute with street cleaner increases

Now the ambassador’s wife has made headlines again in the South Korean media. Earlier this week he got into an argument with a street cleaner who allegedly touched his broom. The exchange of words is said to have increased into the exchange of ranges.

Dem US-sender CNN According to the street cleaner, the ambassador’s wife shouted at him and slapped him twice. Then he pushed her to the ground. Officers were called by the cleaning staff. Both sides would have admitted to hitting each other. No page advertised.

A Belgian foreign ministry spokesman told CNN that the ambassador’s wife was “involved in an argument” in a park in Seoul on Monday morning. “The circumstances of this dispute are not clear,” the statement said.

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