Soulstice: Announcing an innovative two-character game

The innovative two-person action game Soulstice was announced at E3 PC Game Show.

Publisher Modus Games and Italian developer Reply Game Studios announced the action game Soulstice at E3 PC Gaming. With an innovative two-character setting, Soulstice encourages players to take control of the battlefield and unleash attacks that combine the unique skills of sisters Briar and Lute.

Soulstice will be released in 2022 for PC, PlayStation 5, and Xbox Series X/S. Accompanying the announcement is a teaser that impressively shows the strength of the sister duo as they make their way through a world on the verge of collapse:

The Chimera are hybrid warriors, created from the union of two souls. You are the only one capable of facing ghosts, those evil creatures born out of chaos itself. Brothers Breyer and Lott, both on music by Stephanie Justin (Metal Gear Solid V), have been transformed into such an illusion. Briar gained supernatural abilities as a result, but the Oud was sacrificed to become her sister’s shadow, a kind of spirit with mystical powers.

When the city of Elden falls into the grip of a Wraith invasion, the two are sent on a mission to regain control of it. Only when players use the abilities of both characters can
The protagonists reach their full potential and stop the invasion before it’s too late.

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