Cover IMMUN von Philipp Dettmer

IMMUN coverage by Philippe Dettmer
I would have liked to have had this book as a biology student: Philip Detmer proves that something as complex as our immune system can be explained in a solid and interesting way – how the body’s defenses defend us against an army of sometimes deadly attackers, against bacteria, viruses, fungi, and parasites.

Of course, Detmer wrote his book not only for students. Here everyone can learn about the methods that the body uses to protect itself from epidemics and infections. Information Designer from Munich does not do without the necessary technical terms. Everything happens – the emergence of B and T cells as well as the function of macrophages and neutrophils or the sense of the adaptive immune system. But Dettmer manages to transfer the loose form of his knowledge blog, which has been subscribed millions of times, “in short” into a book. The complex interaction of several actors translates into a narrative style in which the “secret services” of the immune system send “spies” to the defensive front, where the “gladiators” fight with various weapons and the “deadly league” trains “snipers” for battles in the “mucous swamps” in our bodies.

The fantasy candy-colored graphics support understanding. In the end, we are amazed at what our immune system can do.yürgen Nakott

Philip Dettmer
Ullstein, 432 S., €19.99
ISBN 978–3–864–93175–8


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