Sky Deutschland mit Dolby Atmos

La Ola’s rumbling wave rises above the ranks, the cheers of the fans echo, the referee’s whistle rings in the ears: pay-TV provider Sky brings the ambiance of the stadium into the living room of the house. Starting with the 2022/23 Bundesliga season, the station will broadcast the “Best Tibiko Game of the Week” with an immersive audio experience in Dolby Atmos on Saturdays – making it the first station in Germany to offer the audio format on a live sports broadcast.

  • All regular Saturday matches in the German Bundesliga
  • All matches of the second German league

Sky: Best possible sound quality

As with movies or movie series, audio is very important for sports broadcasting. Dolby Atmos takes the well-known multi-channel sound concept and adds additional height channels so viewers feel right in the middle. Stefan Kramber, Director Automotive, Content and Broadcasting, Commercial Partnership Europe, Dolby is pleased with the presentation: “Dolby Atmos is ideal for use in live sports and brings the feel of the stadium straight to the living room more realistically than ever before. Spectators hear the cheers, goal screams, referee whistles and commentary Right there in the room where it should be heard – and with the best possible sound quality. Dolby Atmos makes the best Bundesliga match a very special event every week.”

Dolby Atmos automatically provides the best possible sound quality supported by the connected device, so the software always sounds its best. To enjoy the best game with the best sound quality on Sky in the future, a Sky Q receiver and a device that supports Dolby Atmos is required. Many current TVs, amplifiers, audio systems, AV receivers, smartphones, and laptops support the audio format. It should also be available on Sky Glass, Sky’s first live TV broadcast.

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