Skin Obsession: When Constant Skin Sucking Turns Into A Disease

What is dermatosis?

Dermatillomania is the Latin for skin pulling disorder. The English term consists of cutaneous “skin”, to choose “itch” and “disorder” and describes an irresistible impulse to pinch your skinTo pinch or scratch it and open it. This condition can be compared to addiction: people with dermatosis find it very difficult to stop their pathological and harmful behavior. Dermatosis points out the similarities Pelage on me. Psychological disorder forces sufferers to pull out their hair frequently.

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Skin sucking as a mental illness

Since 2013, it has become a skin disease A group of obsessive-compulsive disorders Charged. Therefore, it is a disease whose cause and cause are based in the psyche of the person. Since 2018, skin sucking has also been one of the frequent behavioral disorders associated with the body. The number of people with OCD is unclear and varies by study. Experts estimate it Between 1.4 and 5.2 percent of German citizens affected at least once in their life. It is said that women get sick more often than men.

Is skin sucking dangerous?

Everyone has squashed a pimple or caught a mosquito bite. But constant skin sucking is mandatory – and usually left behind Obvious consequences in the form of wounds. For example, perturbation can scar On the skin, ugly skin injuries or crater originate in the skin. The wounds and resulting skin damage can disappear again – or remain visible forever. This depends on the severity of the injuries.

What are the causes of skin sucking?

The psychological disorder remains poorly understood and relatively unknown. Scientists are considering several factors that may be considered a cause or trigger for a skin sucking disorder. as the main reason negative emotional states Suspected individual stress, about Street with partner, worryAnd the shockAnd the tensionAnd the pressure to perform And the overload At work or acute life crises. In addition, you will also boring Discuss as a reason.

Often the main reason behind skin sucking is one crust on the skinSuch as a previous skin infection, a pimple, a mosquito bite, or peeling of the skin as a result of a sunburn. In connection with negative emotional states, a bout of skin-sucking that is supposed to reduce stress can occur.

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