Six-year-old dies after theft: Now the parents are talking – jigsaw


A father was beaten until he passed out in Austria. After a short time, his son drowned in a river. Now parents are speaking out.

On Sunday, August 28, around 4 a.m., a 37-year-old man was walking with his 6-year-old son in a pram in St. Johann municipality. Then the father was near the bridge of the main school in Kitzbühler Ache He lost consciousness by a hitherto unknown criminal. A bystander found the victim about an hour later and called the rescue service, according to Tirol police. As part of the help, the 37-year-old asked about his mentally disabled son – who was found dead in the river.

Police believe the boy, who suffered from a rare genetic condition that left him unable to speak and often unable to sleep, got off the pram himself and then fell into the Aki, a nearby river. Now the parents have publicly made a statement.

“We feel infinitely sad, devastated, and amazed.”

“Thank you very much for your sympathy!” The dead boy’s parents wrote on Facebook on Wednesday. “We feel infinitely sad, devastated, and amazed,” they continue to stress. Below it they are posting an obituary notice with a long emotional text of their drowning son who suffered from Cinjab Syndrome, along with some happy photos of the 6-year-old’s life. To do this, they make a request in lieu of donating wreaths and flowers at the funeral of someone who needs help.

Invitation to support the survey

In addition, the parents again ask for support to clarify the truth: “Please, I need your help again.” “If any of you have any clues about the attacker, please contact the Tyrol State Criminal Police Office.”


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