“Six Down”
Ukraine: kamikaze drones hit targets near Kyiv

For weeks, it has also been reported that Russia has been using Iranian combat drones in Ukraine. Now it appears that six of them have hit targets near the capital, Kyiv, while six others have been shot down. Although the attackers targeted the barracks, only one person was injured.

According to information from Kyiv, the Russian army for the first time attacked targets near the Ukrainian capital with kamikaze drones. “There were six injuries and explosions,” Kyiv regional governor Oleksiy Kuleba said on Telegram. One person was injured in the small town of Bila Tserkoa. Above all, the infrastructure has been damaged and damaged.

During the night there were weather alerts in the capital and the surrounding area for more than three hours. According to the Air Force, a total of 12 Iranian drones flew towards targets from the south. Iran has officially denied the shipment. But Ukraine has previously reported attacks by Iranian drones over Odessa.

“Six of them were shot down, three of them were shot down by anti-aircraft missiles in the south, and three were also shot down by the air force,” air force spokesman Yury Ehnat told Ukrainian television. The information cannot be independently verified.

The target was a barracks in Bila Tserkva

According to media reports, a barracks in Bila Tserkoa was supposed to be the target. The nearest Russian outposts are located about 380 kilometers south of Bila Tserkva. Belarus, allied with Russia, is about 180 kilometers from the small town and the Russian border is about 280 kilometers. The air defenses around the Ukrainian capital, Kyiv, are the most dense.

The Russian military has been using Iranian drones for several weeks. Kyiv described the extradition as an “unfriendly act”, expelling the Iranian envoy from the country and reducing the number of staff at the Iranian embassy. Russia invaded Ukraine on February 24 and, despite military failures, continued to occupy large parts of southern and eastern Ukraine.


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