Singer Nicole: She was diagnosed with breast cancer

Singer Nicole: She was diagnosed with breast cancer

Singer Nicole
She was diagnosed with breast cancer

Nicole won at 17 "A little relief" den Eurovision Song Contest 1982.

At the age of 17, Nicole won the Eurovision Song Contest in 1982 with “A Little Peace”.

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Singer Nicole was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2020. In an interview, he talks about the course of the disease.

Singer Nicole (57, “A Little Piece”) was diagnosed with breast cancer in December 2020. It was like her “a shock” In an interview with the “Built” newspaper Explained. “Time has stopped. My life has been running in slow motion like a movie inside me. I thought: ‘I’m not!'” The singer had already undergone surgery and began chemotherapy with radiation the following January.

The 57-year-old says he lost his long hair, which he has worn all his life, and his “trademark”, the side effects of the treatment. “Suddenly I got bald. It was hard.” She has been wearing a wig ever since. Even the eyelids and eyebrows were “completely gone”, “the mucous membranes in my mouth were swollen and my nails were peeling off.”

Nicole: “I do not want to be pitied”

In the Instagram post The 1982 musician and ESC winner also shares his experiences in recent months. “In December 2020, I’m definitely going on an unexpected trip for an unbooked trip,” he writes of a film with short hair. “The path I had to take was very rocky and difficult. However, there was no other way, so I had to take my bag and start this journey,” she knew clearly. A “long, dark valley” opened before her. “I had to go that way because the sun was only waiting for me at the top of the mountain at the end of the valley.”

Some who knew about her illness, because she did not want to be upset, kept it to themselves at her request. The public’s involvement gave her the time and peace she needed “with all the determination I needed to achieve my goal.” After 16 months of fear and doubt, hope and optimism, she now “finally stands on the cross of the peak. The sun dries me back, its heat now dries up all tears, even though I do not cry, I say quietly, but I am sure and infinitely proud of myself: ‘Woman. , You did it! ‘



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