Home entertainment Sick RTL presenter: She talks for the first time about her illness

Sick RTL presenter: She talks for the first time about her illness

Sick RTL presenter: She talks for the first time about her illness

RTL host Anna Craft has kept her illness a secret until now.

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Anna Craft, a newcomer from RTL, is the mother of two healthy daughters. This, of course, is not for her, because the 35-year-old is terminally ill.

Munich – Anna Kraft (35 years old) is the new face of RTL. From September, the mother of two will be overseeing everything about the Europa League there. But the 35-year-old is not new to television. The former athlete is already known as a presenter at Sky and ZDF. One thing, however, is that Kraft has kept a secret from the public until now. Because the TV presenter is terminally ill, as she has now revealed to her new employer. She has multiple sclerosis.

Sick RTL introduction: She talks for the first time about the disease

like force against RTL.de She announced that she received the horrific diagnosis more than six years ago. Doctors discovered the disease in her body by chance. At the time, the announcer went to the hospital assuming she had injured a nerve. Several tests were initially performed until Kraft was diagnosed with multiple sclerosis. This disease is a chronic inflammation of the nervous system. Destruction of nerve structures can lead to various symptoms.

Depending on the severity of the cycle, some patients even rely on a walking aid. Fortunately, the broker does not need this yet. According to neurologist Dr. Versus Bernhard Hemmer RTL.de This is also due to her medications and ongoing treatment since her diagnosis. The disease is often recognized later. “It’s just a disease that you can’t tell by looking,” the 35-year-old knows. “When someone breaks their leg, most of the time you have a splint and then you see it, but with MS it is something that is often invisible to outsiders.”

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RTL anchor with MS: She gets support from her family

Even if she’s apparently in good hands with her doctors, there are still “devil days,” as she herself reveals: “I have ants in my arms and in my feet, it tingles, it’s like sleeping. Sometimes I have some cramping in my hands.” Kraft then receives special support from her husband, sports commentator Wolff Christoph Voss. He supports her when she’s not in good shape. They have two daughters together, both of whom were born healthy. A miracle that cannot be taken for granted as an MS patient. Just like the presenter, Schlager singer Jürgen Drews also suffers from a neurological disease. He recently gave an update on his health. (jbr)


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