The tiger mosquito is now installed in 4 departments of the Center Val-de-Loire

The presence of tiger mosquito larvae and adults were detected in Domagné, in Ille-et-Vilaine. This mosquito can, under certain conditions, transmit dengue, Zika or chikungunya.

Mosquito repellent for tigers will take place on the night of August 26-27 in Domagne. Insecticide treatment will be carried out in the areas where the insect has been spotted.

The goal is Eliminate the largest number of tiger mosquito larvae and insects and delay their presence permanently., explains a press release from ARS Bretagne.

The tiger mosquito is very small: it measures about 5 mm. It has black and white stripes on the body and legs. He lives and stings today.

If you think you know him, you can report his presence here:

Insect vector of disease

This mosquito is a viral vector. If she bites the first person with dengue, Zika, or chikungunya, she can pass these viruses on to other people who bite them later.

The tiger mosquito is native to Asia. After being established for many years in the French departments of the Indian Ocean, it is now installed in 64 French departments.

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