What a bizarre gift: Host Joko Windsheid kept his promise and showed something unique in the 15 minutes he received in Prosiben. He presented a large statue of his colleague Klaus Hufer-Umlaf in front of the Berlin Central Station on Wednesday evening.

15 I think, after about 15 years, it is time to say thank you. Thanks, Klaus, for coming here, Pro said in a live broadcast on Windshield Prosiben.

At the station forecast he received his completely undoubted show partner with a red carpet and band, finally unveiling a copper monument about two meters high.

“This is a stupid thing you did,” Hofer-Umlaf commented on the move. “I have done nothing for this country. I’m not dead – that would be a small privilege. “

The monument has a circular hole at the level of the heart, which, according to Windsheid, should be filled with passers-by souvenirs and a bottle opener at waist height.

Windshield insisted that the figure “came to stay.” (…) This statue will always stand here. .

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