Shortage of chips means the end ⊂ · ⊃

Again and again: In fact, with the Pixel 5a, Google wanted to reveal the next price after the Pixel 4a, which was released in 2020. According to the new information, the smartphone will not go on sale at all. Thus Google’s cell phone could be the first victim of a problem that the tech world has faced for a long time.

According to rumors, the unveiling of the Pixel 5a was also on the Google I / O 2021 agenda in mid-May. According to always knowledgeable leak expert Jon Prosser, the search engine giant has now canceled the smartphone rendering. So the device will not go on sale, instead the Pixel 4a predecessor will still be available. Android Central has already confirmed this and is citing two of its own tipsters from Google who prefer to remain anonymous.

The global chip shortage is a growing problem

However, the end of the Google Pixel 5a came for a rather sad reason: due to the global shortage of chips, which still persists. So the reason behind PS5 and PC graphics cards are produced in lower numbers. And why should chip maker Qualcomm cite long lead times.

So far, we were only aware of the big delays in production due to the global shortage of chips. But it’s only now that we’re hearing that the manufacturer is totally capsizing on introducing a new product as a result. Obviously, the problem becomes more severe as a result.

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Google Pixel: Want to try again in the fall?

The end of Google Pixel 5a shouldn’t mean that we won’t see a new smartphone from the search engine giant this year. The Google Pixel 6 should still be planned for the fall of 2021. Like Apple, the company wants to use its own chip as the driver for this. If Google had the opportunity to produce nearly enough slides to launch in the next few months.

Pixel smartphones – whether flagship or mid-range – have excellent cameras so far. So what could the year be like without a new Google smartphone that accommodates phones from Xiaomi, Samsung, Oppo, Huawei and Apple?

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