Ships owned by Russian billionaires fuel speculation

Just a few weeks ago, a yacht owned by Russian President Vladimir Putin grabbed the headlines in Hamburg. In the Hanseatic city, it is also said that there are ships owned by oligarchs.

White tarpaulin around a yacht at berth by Bloom + Voss in Hamburg They have been the subject of a lot of discussion in the past few days. Although the image of the stacked ship is well known to the people of Hamburg, it is said that the yacht “Dilbar” owned by oligarch Alisher Usmanov was behind the tarpaulin.

The owner of the $800 million yacht sailing under the flag of the Cayman Islands is one of the richest men in Russia, according to Focus. The European Union fought a battle against a billionaire close to the Kremlin and oligarchy Economic sanctions imposed.

In a statement, the 68-year-old Russian described the measures as unfair. The reasons given to justify the EU sanctions are a “chain of false allegations and defamation” that harm his honor, dignity and business reputation.

The handling of Russian ships in the port of Hamburg is still unclear

According to “Abendblatt”, Bloom + Voss has not yet commented on reports that the ship is being worked on at the berth. According to Vesselfinder, where ship locations can be tracked around the world, Dilbar’s last known location is a shipyard in Hamburg port.

The program shows the last officially known berth of the yacht. According to various media reports, she should remain at the shipyard in Hamburg. (Source: Vesselfinder)

In response to a question from T-Online, a spokesperson for the port of Hamburg could not confirm that it was the Russian billionaire’s ship. It also remains unclear what will happen if the ship’s existence is confirmed. “It will certainly then have to be determined in these coordination talks whether the confiscation of private property of Russian citizens or companies within the framework of sanctions is possible or not,” the spokesman said.

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It is said that another ship owned by oligarchs

In addition to the “Dilbar”, there is another ship in Hamburg attributed to the oligarch. Until a few years ago, “Luna” was owned by Russian billionaire Farkhad Akhmedov. As reported by several media in 2018, the Russian lost the ship to his ex-wife when he divorced. This ship was also in Hamburg a few days ago and is now also assumed to be in the shipyard.

this is the hunt "Luna" It is located at Dock 11 at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in the port of Hamburg (file photo).  (Source: Imago Pictures / HanoPod)The yacht “Luna” is on Dock 11 at the Blohm + Voss shipyard in the port of Hamburg (file photo). (Source: Hanno Bode / imago photos)

According to Abendblatt, the third ship is currently covered with a tarpaulin, and is also in the port of Hamburg, the 85-meter Solandge. The alleged owner and stock operator Suleiman Karimov also belongs to the circle of the richest Russians.

Putin’s yacht Grisfall hastily leaves the shipyard in Hamburg

At the beginning of February, hamburgers managed to catch a glimpse of a ship belonging to Russian President Putin. Graceful was also at the shipyard for modernization work. Two big balconies should be added and motors fixed.

this is the hunt "graceful" Next to a German Navy Ship: The private yacht is attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin.  (Source: t-online / Frank Behling / KNA)Greysfull yacht next to a German Navy ship: The private yacht is attributed to Russian President Vladimir Putin. (Source: Frank Behling / KNA / t-online)

Soon after learning the yacht’s location, she left port. BILD spoke of a departure that was “like an escape.” It is unclear whether these were actually related to the fear of possible consequences of an attack on Ukraine that was still imminent at the time.

The yachts are in Hamburg in the series

While many Russian businessmen from the circle Vladimir Putin In an attempt to save their assets from EU sanctions, Senator for Economic Affairs Michael Westagmann (Independent) rejected this project in Hamburg: transporting goods from the port of Hamburg Russia Only individual permits from customs are allowed due to current penalties.

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The “automatic conversion of she was To Russia “is discontinued. And about the yachts said to be in the port of Hamburg, he added:” You can assume that from now on no more yachts will come out either. “


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