Shereen David Counts With RTL And Her
Shereen David released her new album "Bitches need rap" On November 19, 2021.

Shereen David released her new album “Bitches Need Rap” on November 19, 2021.Photo: Universal Music

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Shereen David released her second solo album “Bitches Need Rap” on November 19 after having had to postpone it at the beginning of September. She has already submitted snippets of all the songs to her YouTube community, revealing that some recorded clips reveal details of her as an artist that were not yet known.

If you listen carefully, the last song out of a total of 15 songs on the album should be the most interesting in terms of content. “Bramfeld Stories” revolves around Shireen’s entire career in just under nine minutes, which she started on YouTube. In it, she describes the highlights and failures on her path to becoming the successful rapper she is today. One aspect of this is, among others, the effective media feud that ran between her and fellow rapper Shendi.

The beginnings of YouTube “DSDS” and Arafat’s impact on Sherine’s rap career

First, in a song Shireen sums up her childhood with her mother and sister, her father left the family. She remembers her school days and puberty, how the boys suddenly became more exciting instead of doing their homework. She mentioned her first job at a shoe store and finally mentioned that she got into YouTube through Simon Desue.

The scene broke off due to sudden fame, shortly thereafter Shireen switched to music and in 2015 produced a feature with Ado Kojo, the cover version of “You Don’t Love Me”. At this time in her life she is now singing:

She could mean Chris Manzidis, who was a web video producer, comedian and part of the Youtube Bullshit TV trio. At that time, Shireen was with him, one of the few relationships that she announced.

Sherine first came into contact with rap in 2015, as she revealed on “Bramfield Stories,” when she was in the studio with rap legend Cole Savas., but due to different tastes, the cooperation never materialized.

Shereen David settles down with RTL

Instead, it ensued the first variation of the German rap scene: “Kurdo, then Fred. Everyone discusses how realistic the bends on my ass are,” raps and talks about her controversial time on “DSDS.” I sat there on season one jury, with Dieter Bohlen, pop singers Michelle and H.P. Baxter, among others. After her television appearance, the media mainly directed her to her striking style; Apparently her fellow judges and viewers did not trust her with understanding music. Hey rap: “Sit in the ‘DSDS’ and judge the ‘castings,’ but speaking of my hairstyle, ‘Change your haircut!'” Obviously, I was too blonde for Michelle and H.P. Baxter. And a bit of beef with a dieter, just because the RTL was speeding. “

Shereen David sat in 2017 "DSDS"- Jury.

Shereen David was a member of the ‘DSDS’ jury in 2017.Photo: RTL / Stefan Gregorowius

After this experience, which Sherine called “the best school” but also the “worst time”, she just wanted to do what she really enjoyed and continued to focus on music. In 2018, she interviewed Shinde and her current songwriter Laas:

Shendi broke up with his former label Ersguterjunge and had problems exiting the contract with Arafat Abu Shakir and Bushido, both of whom he wanted to stick with as managers. He eventually established his own brand, but Arafat’s influence apparently prevented Shendi and Sherine David from releasing songs together. “I’m involved in German rap politics for the first time. I don’t feel like shooting your movies anymore, just making yours without me., home of Hamburg remembers.

Sherine reveals the final details of her argument with Shinde

The translator then got into a feud with Shindy, which erupted in 2019. His song “Affalterbach” went online with the voice of Sherine, though she canceled the feature. According to Sherine, the translator of “Afalterbach” responded to her concerns during the collaboration: Well, Beyoncé, you better stay home, you weirdo. Shinde also claimed that she gave the refusal at the last second. In the end, the song was deleted and a different female voice reposted. Now Sherine reveals important, previously unknown details in the song:

Should I say something else? I followed everything except: it was taped in January, canceled in February. Then the video for Affalterbach in the middle of March. We couldn’t agree And they’re both troubled. But I so wish I made it music to me together.”

This year we were able to officially settle the dispute, in “Bitches Need Rap” there is also a part of Shindy in the song “NDAs”.

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In “The Bramfield Stories”, Sherine first described how difficult it was for women in the already difficult field of German rap. She now has the opportunity to do so because she has created a specific platform for herself. At the end of the song, Sherine suggests that all of this was just the tip of the iceberg: “You didn’t tell the whole thing, just a small part, so you can understand how much they tested you when you were in the spotlight.”



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