PSG saves victory in the last second against Chakiris Lyon

Xherdan Shaqiri inhaled a sensation in the duel against Messi and Co. The Parisians did not score the decisive winning goal until late in injury time.


Xherdan Shaqiri inhaled a sensation in the duel against Messi and Co. In the end, bankruptcy is still a 1:2 ratio.

This means that Paris Saint-Germain has also won its sixth game in the French Ligue 1 and is five points ahead of its first rival Olympique de Marseille in the table. Meanwhile, Lyon is ranked with eight points in midfield.

Shaqiri could only place a few accents during the 79 minutes of using it. His team’s opening goal fell after an attack on the other left side. The Brazilian Lucas Paqueta defeated his former teammate in Milan Gianluigi Donnarumma with a low shot in the near corner (54).

Neymar equalized for Paris Saint-Germain shortly afterwards with a foul penalty (66th place), while Lionel Messi also missed his third match with Paris. The Argentine came close to achieving his first goal with Paris Saint-Germain; Before the break, he hit a free kick from 20 meters into the post. She overcame with a direct shot in the near corner. Neymar equalized with a penalty, before it ended directly for Boateng, who also played a good hour recently. The latter attack gave PSG their sixth victory when Icardi was in place with a header.

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