Home Top News Second Division: Paderborn won in Dusseldorf, Regensburg with a draw only

Second Division: Paderborn won in Dusseldorf, Regensburg with a draw only

Second Division: Paderborn won in Dusseldorf, Regensburg with a draw only

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Michel Towers on Paderborn’s late victory

Fortuna Düsseldorf and SC Paderborn offer an amazing exchange of blows. In the end, Sven Michel makes the difference. Regensburg is still a captain at the moment, agent also losing against Rostock.

DrSC Paderborn won a wild game at Fortuna Düsseldorf and moved up to second place in League Two for the time being. Coach Lucas Kwasniuk’s side came on Saturday thanks to the winning goal from Felix Platie (83rd minute) to 3:2 (1:1) at Fortuna Stadium, who are still waiting for their first home win. Paderborn, who recently lost 2-1 to Kiel, has 13 out of 17 points in foreign stadiums and is thus top of the league.

Goalscorer Rowan Hennings scored his double (34/58, penalty kick) to turn the hosts’ temporary advantage after defender Sven Michel (ninth) gave an early lead to the East Westphalian guests. Then Michel equalized the score again (61st).

19,727 spectators witnessed a second-division match in which everything was presented: the culture of the game, duels and the changing rounds. Michel gave the lead after a cross from Yalcin, Hennings equalizing with a header and converting a penalty to give Fortuna the lead. It didn’t even last three minutes because Michel again used a steep pass to equalize. It was he who set the record shortly before the end with a perfect timing wing. Platt skillfully put his body down and scored the winning goal with his header.

Jan Regensburg – Karlsruhe 2: 2

League leader Jan Regensburg saved the tie with Karlsruhe. Eber Palatinate returned after a 0-2 deficit in the emotional match and fought for 2:2 (0:1). In front of 8,790 spectators, Marvin Vanitzek (14th) and Marco Thede (51) put Karlsruhe in front. After using the video referee, Andreas Albers (56, penalty kick) made contact. Only two minutes later, Benedict Jember (58) equalized. For now, Jan is still the leader in the standings, and KSC missed their fourth win of the season.

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For a long time, the Regensburg team did not take part in the game. The Karlsruhe team did not allow the owners of the land to develop by pressing intelligently. Jahn’s diversion has literally gone awry. So Wanitzek achieved the well-deserved leadership of the Karlsruhe leading team early on. After the change, Thiede even stepped up against Regensburg’s weak defense.

Then came the turning moment for Jan: KSC defender Christoph Kobald got the ball in the penalty area, and the video referee gave the signal to referee Deniz Aitken. Aitken decided a penalty. He met Albers and then Jember on a late-wake in Upper Palatinate.

Holstein Kiel – Hansa Rostock 0-2

Hansa Rostock dampened Holstein Kiel’s hopes of recovery once again. In the Baltic duel, the climber from Mecklenburg won 2-0 (2-0) over Schleswig-Holstein on Saturday. The decisive player was Dutchman John Verhoek with two goals in the 32nd and 35th minutes.

With his second away win, the Rosstockers created a short run into the relegation zone. After the home’s fourth bankruptcy two days before their future boss Marcel Raab filed, the Killers, under interim coach Dirk Bremerser, are once again deep in the danger zone. A week ago, Holstein scored 2-1 in Paderborn in the first match after coach Uli Werner resigned.

Hansa was very defensive and left the midfield for Killers. So the hosts had more possession of the ball, but there were no dangerous situations in front of the goal. The Rostokers limited themselves to very few offensive actions. After a corner kick, Verhoek was right and put his team ahead. Shortly thereafter he beat Holstein goalkeeper Thomas Danny with a left-footed shot and scored his fifth goal of the season. Only then did the Killers advance more consistently and with Alexander Muhling (44) they still had the best chance of scoring the next goal.

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The picture hardly changes in the second half. Holstein had the ball often, but he had few ideas. The guests were lucky when Kiel player Simon Lorenz (63.) hit the post only.


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