School Milk with Sun Vitamin brings milk crystals home in one click.

Milchkristalle offers their school milk, which has always been part of a full breakfast for schoolchildren young and old, in practical 250ml bottles that fit in every school bag.

especially high Vitamin D3 content of milk It is not achieved by artificially adding the so-called sunshine vitamin, but by preserving dairy cows in a particularly natural way. If the cows are not in the pasture in the sun, the type of lighting in the barn has a significant impact on the concentration of vitamin D3 contained in cow’s milk – much can be revealed at this stage about the innovative process of creation. Dre School Milk.

The 250ml bottles fit in every school and daycare bag. .’s website milk pods.

It also attaches great importance to the high quality standards of suppliers. So the dairy farms must meet various standards, for example regarding the method of raising dairy cows and the feed used. Of course, the concentration of Vitamin D3 present in milk should be high enough as well.

Detailed information about Dre School Milk, the health benefits of the sunshine vitamin and much more can be found on the Dre Milk website. Of course you can get milk there too Order online. The 250ml bottles not only fit in every school bag, but also can be taken to kindergarten, university, office or sports.

Milchkristalle GmbH has specialized in the production and sale of dDrei school milk, which contains a particularly large amount of sunscreen vitamin D3. Sells practical 250ml mini bottles that come home in one click and fit in every school bag.

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Image source: Milchkristalle GmbH


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