SC Freiberg lost to Union Berlin in the Bundesliga

SC Freiberg lost to Union Berlin in the Bundesliga

V.n Champions League for SC Freiburg, which has become the biggest in the Bundesliga, with its coach Christian Streech 1. FC Union do not want to hear anything in view of the fight with Berlin, which is also set for the upcoming European Cup. “Thinking about this before the game makes me nervous,” the South Baden football coach said.

However, when the ball rolls, there is no question about it. On the final day of the Bundesliga match at the Sports Club’s home game at their new stadium, the strongest and most talented club from the capital shocked Streech’s Freiburg team like no other opponent. Switzerland coach Urs Fischer converted the 3: 0 team.

And Streich had already lost his memories of that turbulent Saturday afternoon, when referee Bryce showed the coach that he was completely upset after admitting a third goal, a yellow card. Stretch may not have understood that Bryce turned his team down 1-1 through Holler because he raised the ball with his upper hand before the center forward shot on goal (23rd minute). As for Stretch, the goal was according to the rules. “It’s insane not to give up the goal,” he told a news conference.

Sixth in the table, Union, on the other hand, used three-fifths of their five chances to score in the first half: first with a bromelain sweep after Becker’s cross, trying to destroy Existence in a fight with Avoni, but from nowhere. The ball rolled to the scorer. His opponent Captain Gunder was not there (30 ‘) when Captain Trimmel’s header was 2-0, and the best football sprinter Becker hit a cross in the corner at a tight angle after his solo run at 3-0. (41 ‘). ). The three lower feet could no longer be adjusted, which made it fourth on the table. The 1: 3 by Holler was no more than a makeover (59th), especially in the 90th minute as Schaffer increased the lead to 4: 1 for the Berliners, who could not prevent that.


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