Sarah Engels reveals: This is Alessio's name after their wedding

Lots of news for fans of Sarah Inglis (28)! The singer and her husband Julian, 28, announced on Sunday afternoon that they had tied the knot. In the close family circle, the two celebrated the happy event – and both took it Sarah Girls name Engels. The singer’s five-year-old son – just like his mother – had the surname of his father Pietro Lombardi (28). Now the artist announced: Alessio’s last name must also be changed.

Soon after the announcement of the good news, they were called Sarah Their fans for a Q&A session for their fans InstagramChannel playback. When asked if Alessio (5 years old) would continue to call Lombardy by his last name, she replied: “Alessio will have a double name and he will be called Lombardi-Engels.” That would contribute to the TV’s bad reputation Pietro I decided that. Your presence “They both found it the best solution and he was in contact with both of them.”, Announced, adding: “That was very important to me.”

Sarah And the Pietro Their son raised in a harmonious mixture style. Dedicated to the wedding Sarah Ex-man Pietro The couple even has words of love: “You two are a great couple! Always hold on to your love, your pie!”He wrote in his story.

Alessio and Sarah Lombardi
Sarah and Alessio Lombardi, March 2021
Pietro Lombardi with his son Alessio

Instagram / pietrolombardi

Pietro Lombardi with his son Alessio
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