The summer plan was unveiled in the

The government, which wants to prevent holidays from slowing down vaccination, wants to strengthen the moratorium on vaccination in centers located in highly touristy places.

Government spokesman Gabriel Atal said on Friday that the Ministry of Health will present “in the coming days” a detailed plan to organize summer vaccinations.

He assured France Info that the government intends to “boost the supply of vaccines to centers located in highly touristy sites so that French people who have not yet been vaccinated and who are on vacation can be vaccinated.”

Get vaccinated at your vacation location

He added that “the Ministry of Health will present a specific plan for the summer season with details on how to organize the vaccination campaign and adapt it” to the summer period, while the government wants to prevent holidays from impeding vaccination.

However, Gabriel Atal suggested that the possibility of receiving the vaccination at his place of leave may be limited: “When a first dose of the vaccine is scheduled at the center, the second appointment must be set at that center.” .

When asked about those who could get a dose at their vacation location, he took the example of people who had recently contracted Covid, would have preferred to wait before getting vaccinated, and ultimately wish to do so on vacation.

Additional doses

The Ministry of Health said in recent days that it wanted to “avoid the French at all costs not to delay their first injection because they expect difficulties with the second injection.” On the other hand, he wants there to be “additional doses in a certain number of tourist places” so that vacationers can receive a second injection there, after they have had a first injection in the place where they live.

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He called for “flexibility”, and also referred to the possibility of “a slight relaxation in the issue of the spacing between the two doses,” to prevent the second “falling precisely in the middle of the holidays.”


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