Sarah Connor inspires tight bikini fans المعجبين

The singer sends her followers Eid greetings from the Cote d’Azur. The dreamlike backdrop quickly fades into the background, as Sarah Connor grabs everyone’s attention in her bikini.

Photo series with 19 photos

In the past few days, Sarah Connor has repeatedly posted photos from France on Instagram, where she has been vacationing with her friends for a few days. Among other things, the singer shared photos showing her and her daughters in a full-blown wetsuit in the sea, writing, “Finally smells rubber from a wetsuit again.”

“All my imperfections are perfect”

However, with her latest publications, it is anything but a high neck. Sarah uploaded a photo of her in a bikini on a sun lounger. The ruffled two-piece is studded with colorful sequins that sparkle in the sun. The 41-year-old holds a drink in her hand, grinning with her head tilted to one side.

Sarah feels visibly comfortable on her skin, and that’s also evident in the text of her post. “I love my curves, all my jagged edges, all my perfect imperfections,” she writes based on John Legend’s song “All I Have.”

The singer asked her 540,000 followers, “Have you already told yourself you love each other?” They are very passionate about the scene and the message. Over 20,000 followers ‘liked’ the post in the first hour alone. One user commented: “Awesome photo, great woman, great statement.” “Self-love is very important, you look great,” enthuses the other. Another comment “If I had your body and your voice, I would love myself too.”

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