Russia points finger at Ukraine for massacre despite evidence of Islamic State involvement

Moscow Questions US Assertion of ISIS Responsibility for Terror Attack Near the Capital

In a surprising turn of events, Moscow has raised doubts about the United States’ claim that ISIS was responsible for a recent terrorist attack near the Russian capital. The Kremlin has sought to link the attack to Kyiv, Ukraine, despite a lack of evidence supporting this connection.

Four suspects involved in the attack have pleaded guilty in court, with Russian President Putin alleging that the attackers had planned to escape to Ukraine. Meanwhile, ISIS has released new footage of the attack and claimed responsibility for the tragic event.

Russian state media has been focusing on Ukraine’s alleged involvement in the attack, further straining the already tense relationship between the two countries. In a separate development, Israeli authorities have prohibited the UN agency Unrwa from delivering aid to northern Gaza, raising concerns about a potential famine in the region.

In the political sphere, some of former President Trump’s old allies are rejoining his team, including Paul Manafort and Corey Lewandowski. Additionally, the former CEO of FTX is set to be sentenced for fraud in New York City.

On a more lighthearted note, the northern lights have been visible in the US as far south as the Midwest, with a penumbral lunar eclipse also occurring. However, the mood quickly darkens with the release of a disturbing video showing a West Papuan man being tortured by Indonesian soldiers, sparking calls for international intervention.

In other news, Barcelona’s iconic Sagrada Familia basilica is set to be completed in 2026, while the UK government has blamed China for a cyber-attack accessing the details of 40 million UK voters. An investigation is also underway in South Sudan to identify the cause of nodding syndrome, a mysterious neurological disorder affecting children in the region.

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Lastly, a surprising revelation has come to light about acclaimed director Martin Scorsese – he has a secret life as a VHS archivist, with his collection recently being uncovered in the University of Colorado Boulder’s archives.


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