Rewe, Kaufland & Co .: Shock!  The largest chocolate factory stops production

Rewe, Kaufland & Co .: Salmonella shock! The world’s largest chocolate factory stops production

Rev: The Success Story of the Supermarket Chain

Rev: The Success Story of the Supermarket Chain

The Rev Group in Cologne is one of the largest retail groups in Germany. This does not only include the supermarket chain Rev. These include Penny, Doom, Billa in Austria, DER Tourist Germany and Leckerland.

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They sell their products rewe, Kaufland & Co. – Now the chocolate maker must stop producing “Barry Callebout”.

The Swiss company operates the world’s largest chocolate factory in Wise, Belgium. But now there is a warning mood because of the danger of Salmonella!

Rewe, Kaufland & Co .: Salmonella Danger in the Chocolate Factory!

Chocolate maker “Barry Calbout” discovered Salmonella at a factory in Wise, Belgium. The Swiss company announced on Thursday (June 30) that production had stopped and supplies had been cut off.

The company is a leader in global suppliers of chocolate and cocoa products. They are offered to business customers for further processing, which is why the ‘Barry Callebout’ brand is less well known.

Rewe, Kaufland & Co .: Affected items have been delivered since Monday

Salmonella bacteria, which can cause severe diarrhea, was found in lecithin used in all its products, the company said Monday. The Belgian Food Safety Authority (FAVV) was immediately notified. Company spokesman Frank Caitell said the company considers some of the quantities offered since Monday (June 27) have not yet been processed anywhere and sold to customers. Investigations were still ongoing.


Additional News on Rewe and Other Markets:


“Barry Callebout” caters to the brewery, bakeries, catering trade and beverage manufacturers. With more than 12,000 employees in more than 40 countries, the company describes itself as the world’s leading manufacturer of high quality chocolate and cocoa products.

Rewe, Kaufland & Co .: The factory also supplies German customers.

The plant in Wieze also serves German customers. The company did not say whether any of the contaminated chocolate mass was delivered to Germany. The factory is cleaned and sprayed with disinfectant. It may take a few days, Keitel said. (At, with DPA)


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