Reunion: frost frost, sun and clouds

The sky, on Thursday morning, August 19, 2021, is bright globally, but also gray in the southeast. The afternoon will be less bright. Clouds took over the interior of the island. They give way to beautiful clearance. The night was cold again.

It was especially cold overnight from Wednesday to Thursday. Maïdo meteorologists noted as in the volcano 1°C and -4°C at ground level. The frost returned to the peaks at dawn.
This morning, the sun is shining on almost the entire island. The cumulus clouds, which arrived at night around the edges of the volcano, are still present at dawn and some showers are expected towards Saint Rose.

In the afternoon, the eastern and western slopes get bored. This contrasting gray also lends itself to blue sky and sun. Just like the day before, peaks and hills over 2,000 meters are above the blanket all day, she says Météo-France Reunion.

The sea is rough in the wild south

The general flow is very fluid. It has an East-South-East component at the beginning of the day, Northeast in the morning, East in the afternoon and again Es-South-East in the evening. This trade wind is slower. Flashes should not exceed 50 to 60 km / h.

Temperatures, freezing at night, vary quite a bit during the day. We expect 26 to 23°C on the coast, 19°C in Salazi, 21°C towards Selous, 15°C at the Bellecombe-Jacob step and 13°C on the Maidaux.

The sea is slightly rough towards the north and west, turbulent in the east, strong in the wild south.

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Weather forecast August 19, 2021

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