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Lily Krug (20), daughter of Veronica Ferris (56), started her career as a Hollywood actress. And he’s allowed to partner with really big companies!

Lily (her father, film producer Martin Krogh) had her debut in 2019. At that time, she and her mother were in front of the camera for “Malo” – a German short film released as part of the “LA Shorts International Film Festival” presented in Los Angeles. Los Angeles.

But now Lily is in front of the camera without her mother – she can share the set with real giant stars. The latest with Hollywood star Gerard Butler (51)!

“I still can’t believe this happened! I am so honored to be able to work with so many talents and tell this story. Everyone was amazing, and I look forward to doing this project together,” Krug wrote on Instagram.

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“Story” is a thriller called “Airplane”, about pilot Brody Torrance (played by Butler), who is threatened by militant pirates after a heroic landing of his storm-ravaged plane in enemy territory and wants to take it. His passengers are hostages.

Krug will play a young woman named Brie, who is a passenger with a large following on social media.

For Lily, things couldn’t go any better in terms of her career. She recently finished production for the independent thriller ‘Shattered’ alongside John Malkovich (67) and poses for the camera for Oscar winner Anthony Hopkins (83) in ‘Zero Contact’ with her mother.

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At the end of 2019, she also filmed the drama “Swing” alongside two-time Academy Award nominee Michael Shannon (47). Here, too, one of the two main actresses was played by Lily Krug.

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In an interview with BILD am Sonntag, the beautiful actress recently revealed that she is working hard in her career: “I enjoy putting myself in other roles and thus broadening my own horizons. For this reason, when I start studying Psychology in Los Angeles in the fall, I will also study at acting school in Evening “.

By the way, her greatest model is Margot Robbie (31) – and if things continue like this with Lilly, she may soon compete with the beautiful Margot.


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