Remnant 2: Realmwalker Explorer Armor Set – Reportedly Missing or Bugged

Popular action RPG game, Remnant 2, is facing a bug that has left players without the highly coveted Realmwalker armor set linked to the “Explorer” archetype. This armor set is known for its agility and evasive playstyle benefits, making it a sought-after item among players.

To obtain the Realmwalker set, players must first complete the main campaign and defeat the final boss to receive the Golden Compass item as a reward. Next, they need to craft the Engram from Wallace in Ward 13, which unlocks the Explorer Archetype. Normally, players would find the Realmwalker set and other related armors available for purchase from the in-game armor vendor. However, these items are currently missing due to the bug.

The bug has caused frustration and disappointment among players who worked hard to obtain the gear. Many have expressed their disappointment on forums and social media platforms, demanding a quick solution to this issue.

Fortunately, a developer from Remnant 2 has acknowledged the bug and assured players that a fix will be included in the next patch. In the meantime, players can use workarounds to mitigate the problem. One workaround involves rerolling the campaign and not joining anyone’s game to keep the world state unchanged. Xbox users have additional workarounds, such as not skipping the credits scene and rotating host roles with friends.

Updates regarding the issue and potential workarounds have been provided, and players are encouraged to share any additional solutions in the comments section. The bug has sparked discussions among players and has prompted the development team to address the issue promptly.

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To give readers a visual representation of the game, the article features an image from Remnant 2. Fans of the popular action RPG eagerly await the next patch, hoping that it will bring an end to the missing Realmwalker armor set bug.


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