Home Top News Quick historic victory: The club’s 6-0 win was the highest-ever Bundesliga win in Freiburg. – Sports

Quick historic victory: The club’s 6-0 win was the highest-ever Bundesliga win in Freiburg. – Sports

Quick historic victory: The club’s 6-0 win was the highest-ever Bundesliga win in Freiburg.  – Sports

Christian Streiche was a historic victory for his company SC Freiburg A bit uncomfortable in Borussia Mönchengladbach. His team’s 6-0 win on Sunday was Freiburg’s biggest ever win in the Bundesliga. And that’s in Gladbach, where Breisgauer last won in 1995 – for the first time in the Bundesliga until Sunday.

“It’s a good thing we did here,” said the 56-year-old. It was the only joy – the most hidden – he allowed himself after the humiliation. Otherwise, Streich commented very cautiously and respectfully on the incomprehensible. After Less than five minutes later, his team had already led 2-0, less than 20 minutes later 4-0 and only 37 minutes later even 6-0.

“Crazy,” Strech stammered at the shooting target light. “Every shot on goal was possible today. I’ve never experienced anything like this before.” For national player Nico Schlutterbeek, who scored the sixth goal (37th minute), the first half was “a bit surreal”.

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Borussia seems to be jogging carelessly

This was partly due to the strength of the Freiburg match and the determination after three consecutive defeats. Gladbach’s side, who badly insulted Bayern Munich 5-0 in the DFB Cup just over a month ago, were a grateful opponent. From the moment the match kicked off, the Borussia team apparently walked indifferently, refusing almost every duel and allowing the guests to get their way.

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Almost everyone in Freiburg was allowed at once, and everyone also scored a goal. Prior to Schlutterbeek, Maximilian Eggstein (2nd), Kevin Shade (5th), Philipp Leinhart (twelfth), Nicholas Hoeffler (19th) and Lucas Hoehler (25th) met against a defensive league that did not deserve the name.
Borussia conceded ten goals in a few days, already in the previous week they had embarrassed themselves in the derby at 1. FC Köln 1: 4. The Gladbachers under their new coach Adi Hutter felt compared to their predecessor Marco Rose and the many goals conceded last season. “Before the Cologne game, we were on a very good path,” said Hutter, who stood amazingly in front of his team once again.
But since then there have been two very poor performances with disastrous performances raising questions. “Sorry, what nonsense is going on now?” Gladbach’s sports director, Max Eberl, roughly summed up his thoughts. “Why don’t we resist?”

We can look forward to the next match at RB Leipzig

However, Eberl did not question his coach, who was appointed by Eintracht Frankfurt in the summer for 7.5 million euros to succeed Rose, who moved to Borussia Dortmund. “We’ve decided to go down a common path,” Eberle said, describing questions about possible consequences for Houtier as “ridiculous.”
Hütter looks to be hurt after this match, but definitely after this week. We can look forward to the next few days and the next match at RB Leipzig next weekend. On Sunday, the Austrian reacted calmly, at least to the outside world. “Emotional outbursts don’t help,” he said. Perhaps he will find another word internally. “It shouldn’t have happened to us this way,” Hutter also said. “You can only apologize to everyone.” (dpa)


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