Questions and answers on the trial of tennis legend

Questions and answers on the trial of tennis legend

The London trial of German tennis legend Boris Becker is coming to an end. On Wednesday, the Southwark Crown Court arbitrator retired to adjudicate the question of guilt. But what did Becker accuse? How long will he have to stay in jail if convicted further? SPOX Clarifies the most important questions about the process.

Boris Becker, Process: What are the charges?

A total of 24 charges have been laid against Becker. He was primarily charged with concealing assets during his bankruptcy proceedings.

Among other things, Becker withheld several trophies, concealed real estate, stocks and bank balances, and transferred large sums of money to private accounts near him.

Fees in detail:

  • His company account in the amount of 1,136,104.44 euros was one and two in a secret payment agreement through the Stralsund tax office to BBPOL Euro Metro Bank.
  • Becker charges three to nine for making payments from the same company account to different personal accounts in the context.
  • Becker calculates ten to 24 deals with alleged hidden real estate shares and file values.

According to the indictment: Boris Becker hid these trophies

Cup Year
Wimbledon Trophy 1985
Presidential Cup 1985
Davis Cup Gold Medal 1988
Davis Cup Cup 1989
Wimbledon Trophy 1989
Presidential Cup 1989
Australian Open Cup 1991
Olympic gold medal 1992
Australian Open Cup 1996

Boris Becker, Process: How does the government argue?

The prosecution has relied on Becker’s guilt. “The only verdict you can come to on any account is guilty,” lawyer Rebecca Chockley said in her final statement to the arbitral tribunal on Tuesday. The tennis legend is “not credible” where many of his trophies are located.

It is incomprehensible that Becker is now trying to avoid blame. “Boris Becker is trying to blame everyone for not reporting: his advisers, his lawyers, even his bankruptcy coaches – did not ask the right questions,” Chockley said. “He knew it was his duty, not his advisers.”

The attorney said no counsel admitted to being complicit in the court and no document suggested such an opinion. In addition, Becker did not even ask his bankruptcy executives to mention things.

Between one and nine, Becker was also charged with failing to transfer money to his personal account, which bankruptcy management could access. The prosecution sees this as evidence that he did not do so.

Boris Becker, Process: What is Becker’s Defense?

Beckery denies allegations that tax officials deliberately deceived him. His main argument is that his advisers and lawyers did not inform him of the procedures and rules governing a private bankruptcy and did not send him information. Following the bankruptcy announcement on June 21, 2017, Bankruptcy Trustee Michael Pint told him to “continue as before.”

Becker also denies the allegation that he hid the location of his trophies. Becker said Monday that attorney Rebecca Chockley’s accusation that the Treasury Department was “deceived” was “false.”

Although Becker was innocent and did not look after his finances, defense attorney Jonathan Lightla insisted he was basically innocent. It is not a crime to trust advisers. In addition, after his court order for private bankruptcy in 2017, his rights and obligations were not made clear to him at an early stage.

Boris Becker, Process: Who is the Judge?

Judge Deborah Taylor will preside over the hearing. He is considered a tough nut to break when it comes to court rulings, and is best known for his trial against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange. He was sentenced in May 2019 to 50 weeks in prison for violating bail conditions at the time.

Boris Becker, Process: Who Decides the Punishment?

An arbitral tribunal of ten jurors (nine men, one woman) has been considering Becker’s conviction since Wednesday. The meeting continued on Thursday (11 a.m. German time).

The arbitral tribunal must decide and rule on each of the 24 charges. Judge Taylor will intervene only if the arbitral tribunal finds Becker guilty. After that she will decide the sentence herself.

Boris Becker, Process: When to Expect a Decision?

There is no legal time limit for an arbitration session. Although Becker should expect a verdict at any time, a one-day debate behind the theoretically closed doors is also possible.

If convicted: How long should Becker go to jail?

The case – as usual in Great Britain – did not seek a specific sentence.

If Boris Becker is actually convicted on all charges, he faces up to seven years in prison. However, it is very unlikely that this will actually happen. Many experts and observers consider Becker guilty only of a (few) number.

In this case, the tennis legend will have to serve several months in prison or receive a suspended sentence.


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