PSV Amndorf gives up its rights to the State Cup

Halle (Sal) / Magdeburg / MZ – PSV Amendorff ceded their home rights in the State Cup semi-finals in Saxony-Anhalt and awarded them to 1. FC Magdeburg.

The league club wants Halle to save the financial and logistical effort involved in hosting the match at home at the Waggonbauer Stadium. In terms of sports, the FCM, the Sovereign of Division III, is the clear favorite anyway. Amenddorf had already failed twice in the State Cup against Magdeburg.

Saxony-Anhalt State Cup: Wernigerode vs HFC unit on March 26 at 2pm

BSV President Lutz Schülbe brought home equity exchange as an idea the FCM accepted. The semi-finals will now take place on March 25, 2022 at 7pm under the floodlights at the MDCC Arena.

“It will definitely be a great event for my children,” said Schulby, looking at a large crowd of spectators in Magdeburg.

The second semi-final match will take place on March 26 between first-division club FC Unit Wernigerode and third-division club Halscher FC. The match begins at 2 pm, and the match will take place in Wernigerode. The State Cup winner automatically qualifies for the FA Cup in the 2022/23 season.


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