Protests against the Israeli government are continuing – tens of thousands are demonstrating

Protests against the Israeli government are continuing – tens of thousands are demonstrating

As of 05/20/2023 11:52 PM

Meanwhile, it is not only about judicial reform, but also about the planned budget: mass protests against the Israeli government continue. Protesters accuse her of “political corruption”.

Once again tens of thousands took to the streets in Israel against the right-wing theocratic government and its plans to weaken the judiciary.

They gathered in several major cities and waved Israeli flags. Banners and signs in Tel Aviv read slogans such as “Stop them,” “Israel is not Iran,” and “The looting government.” According to the organizers, more than 130,000 people took part in the Mediterranean capital alone.

Strictly religious family should be preferred

In addition to the so-called judicial reform, the protests this week were also directed against a new distribution of state funds. The government must approve the budget by the end of May. According to media reports, the religious coalition parties in particular are set to benefit from the plans, which have already been approved by the Parliament’s Finance Committee.

Protest organizers accused the government of “plundering the treasury in favor of political corruption”. A statement said that Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu distributes tax money to his allies “to facilitate the implementation of dictatorial laws.”

Dissatisfaction with the government is growing in Israel – not only among the population, but also in the coalition itself.

Judicial reform: pending but not abandoned

This means judicial reform. The right-wing religious coalition wants to use it, among other things, to limit the influence of the Supreme Court, which it accuses of excessive interference in political decisions. In addition, court decisions must be overcome by a simple majority in Parliament. Critics see the separation of powers in danger and warn of a state crisis.

Due to pressure from the street, Netanyahu suspended the plans in March, but he did not give up. So far, negotiations between the government and the opposition on a compromise have not succeeded.

Mass protests have been going on for nearly five months. But last week, it was canceled for security reasons due to fighting between Islamic Jihad and the Israeli army.

The Israeli prime minister said that a social consensus must first be established.


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