Prince Harry warned of Trump's coup - no one responded

Could anything worse have been prevented if Prince Harry had been listened to? He now claims to have warned of the storm at the Capitol. But the head of social media ignored him.

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The investigation committee is still working. Who is responsible for the dramatic events that occurred in the Washington Capitol on January 6 this year? Trump supporters stormed the Capitol in the capital, outraged by the outcome of the US election. Five people, including a police officer, were killed.

previous president Donald Trump He had to face impeachment proceedings for the attack because he had previously incited his supporters to move to the US Congress. In the end, he was acquitted.

January 6, 2021: A police officer is killed in the storming of the Washington Capitol.  (Source: Brent Stirton / Getty Images)January 6, 2021: A police officer is killed in the storming of the Washington Capitol. (Source: Brent Stirton / Getty Images)

But could accidents have been avoided? of all things Prince Harry It has now been revealed that he called the Twitter chief before storming the Capitol Jack Dorsey He turned – and apparently warned him. As reported by the BBC, the 37-year-old Royal said this on Tuesday at the US tech forum RE:WIRED. There he was connected to the video.

Prince Harry: ‘I warned him’

“I warned him that his program would allow for a coup,” Harry said on the occasion. He went on to explain that his email to Dorsey was “sent the day before” on January 5 this year. “Then it happened and I haven’t heard from him since,” said Queen Elizabeth II’s grandson, describing the social media chief’s reaction.

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However, three days later, Dorsey responded. On January 8, Donald Trump’s Twitter account was banned. “After a clear warning, we had to act, and made a decision with the best information we had, based on threats on and off Twitter that affect physical safety. […] “I think this was the right decision for Twitter,” the company’s president said at the time.

It is unclear if this is related to Harry’s warnings. One thing is for sure: neither Dorsey nor the British Prince can prevent the storming of the Capitol.


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