Kazan, Russia: He was shot at Panorama School

The Iraqi News Agency (INA) reported that several missiles were fired at the US consulate in Erbil, northwest of Iraq, on Saturday night. Jerusalem Post.

Erbil Governor Omid Khoshnaw said several missiles hit the area. It is unclear if the destination is the US consulate or the airport in the city. According to the agency, five explosions were heard during the attack. Other accounts indicate the presence of nine missiles. According to Reuters, quoting government officials, there were no casualties among the military in Erbil.

Videos on social media show several large explosions in the area. pro-Iran Sabreen News She posted several videos of the alleged explosions on her Telegram channel. According to the local TV station “Kurdistan 24”, the station’s studio was also damaged by the force of the explosions. On his Facebook channel Radio reported live about the attack at night. The images shown show the station’s smashed editorial offices. It is said that the external interface of the transmitter has been severely damaged.

The attack comes at a time when, according to Iranian representatives, significant progress has been made in negotiations for a new nuclear deal with Iran in recent weeks. Al-Hadath Arabic channel tweeted Without citing sources, he considered the missile attack “a reaction to the assassination of leaders of the Revolutionary Guards in Syria.”

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