Attack in northern Iraq – Iranian missile attack on US consulate – Politics abroad

Iran attacks US embassy in northern Iraq

In the evening, several short-range ballistic missiles fired from Iran appeared to have landed near US facilities, including a U.S. military base near the embassy.

This was reported by the Iraqi news agency INA.

Those missiles are believed to be Fateh-110.

Erbil people panicked and did not want to return to their homes for fear of a wave of attacks.

The rockets wreaked havoc. The pictures show, for example, the destroyed ceiling of a television studio.

There is no reliable information on who fired the rockets.

Iran has recently threatened retaliation for the killing of two Islamist revolutionary guards in an Israeli airstrike on Syria last week.

In October, pro-Iranian militants reportedly targeted a US-based al-Danf base in response to a suspected Israeli airstrike targeting pro-Iranian forces in Syria last year.


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