Prime Minister Johnson in distress after allegations by former Chancellor Cummings

Updated April 24, 2021 at 2:16 pm

  • The pressure on Boris Johnson continues to mount.
  • After allegations from his former adviser Cummings, the prime minister’s official apartment is now a focus.
  • The opposition wants to know how the renewal costs were paid – privately or with the help of potentially illegal donations.

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After the widespread accusations of his former friend Dominic Cummings, the British Prime Minister is arrested Boris Johnson Among other things due to the renewal of his official residence in distress. The opposition Labor Party called on the prime minister to make the remarks on Saturday.

Labor MP Steve Reid told BBC Radio 4. “We need to know the full amount that has been spent and we need to know who paid for the work, and who the prime minister is now proposing to pay” to BBC Radio 4. The government must do everything . In connection with payments or donations related to the renewal.

Media reports: Cummings behind the SMS leak

Several British media outlets previously reported, citing Downing Street sources, that Cummings was behind the publication of a secret text message between Johnson and businessman James Dyson. Johnson’s former top adviser, who left office after a bitter dispute in December, responded on Friday with criticism of the prime minister on his own blog.

In it, Johnson was accused of numerous misconduct, including the official renovation of the 11 Downing Street apartment, and Cummings wrote that the prime minister had not spoken to him about the matter since 2020. Johnson previously told Johnson that he believed his “plans for donors to covertly pay for the renovation costs have changed” Moral, stupid, and possibly illegal, and almost certainly in violation of the correct disclosure of political donations. ” He noted that Johnson had once planned to get party donors to pay for renewals.

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Government: Johnson paid for the redesign out of pocket

As reported by the BBC and the Palestinian News Agency, the government announced on Friday for the first time that Johnson had paid his renewal costs out of pocket. The government and ministers adhered to the code of conduct and the electoral law at all times. The transfer is said to have cost the equivalent of around € 230,000. (dpa / mgb)


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