Prevent potassium deficiency with vegetables: Be careful when cooking

who one Potassium deficiency Want to prevent you should try to take the mineral with food. Vegetables, for example, are a good and tasty way to get this important mineral into your body. However, care must be taken when cooking because, according to the health experts at “Onmeda”, potassium can be lost very quickly.

Preventing Potassium Deficiency: Steaming and Cooking?

As health portal experts explain, potassium from vegetables It passes into the water if it stays in it for a long time or you boil it in it. Anyone who no longer uses water, but instead pours it away also gets rid of the precious metal. But how do you best prepare vegetables so potassium is not lost in food and they can counteract potassium deficiency?

As can be read in the guide on “T-Online”, experts recommend stewing or steaming so that potassium, vitamins and other trace elements are not lost when preparing vegetables. Here, vegetables come into contact with little or no water, so water-soluble substances cannot be extracted from the food. If you don’t want to do without cooking, you should at least continue to use the water the vegetables were cooked in and make the sauce or soup out of it. At least some components are saved. You should also avoid using a very high temperature when cooking if you specifically want to prevent potassium deficiency or don’t want to destroy good nutrients.

Cooking vegetables: Here’s how

But of course we not only use fresh vegetables but many people also offer frozen goods. It’s in preparation frozen vegetables The nutrients are preserved, and it is advisable not to melt them, but to put them directly in the bowl, says the report.

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However, the exceptions to the preparation are potatoes and beans. It must be properly cooked before serving. The reason for this is the inedible ingredients: in the beans, the poisonous bean, in the potato starch, and the toxic substance solanine, which becomes harmless with cooking.


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