Poland's victory: Germany reached the main round of the European Handball Championship early
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Germany reaches the main round of the handball championship early

Jeslasson Alfred Trainer Germany Handball Team European Championship 2022 in Slovakia Preliminary round match Germany-Belarus on January 14, 2022 in Bratislava

Minimum goals achieved: National coach Alfred Jeslason (centre) was at the start of the main round of the European Championship with the German national handball team

Quelle: Photo Alliance / Laci Perenyi

Even before the final group match, German handball players will advance to the next round of the European Championship. They are taking advantage of Poland’s victory over Belarus. Today Tuesday is all about winning the group.

eThe national coach witnessed a strong performance by goalkeeper Till Klimbec and a great performance by right winger Timo Kastening, who scored nine goals. But Alfred Jeslason was not completely satisfied after winning 34:29 (15:16) in the second preliminary round of the European Championship against Austria on Sunday evening.

Although the German handball players were still on track for their second win in the second preliminary round, Jeslason still saw potential for improvement, especially given the poor first half. “We’re still a bit worried that we won’t be there from the start. This should improve a little bit. However, the positivity outweighs that,” said the Icelander in Bratislava.

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The captain of the German national handball team: Johannes Jolla. "Looking back, this seems a bit crazy"He said

After about two hours of stock analysis, the national coach’s mood should have improved again. Then an early entry into the main round of the European Championship was certain.

Tuesday’s group finals

After the victory over Austria, the two teams at the team hotel in Bratislava can watch on TV how Poland beat Belarus 29:20 (14:11). In Group D, Jeslason’s men are now at least second, enough to move up.

Tuesday (6pm, ZDF and im Direct WELT Indicator) for the German national team in a duel with Poland, who also qualified for the second stage of the tournament (both 4: 0 points), for the group victory.

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