Plot, actors, TV date on ZDF today, iteration in the stream

Today ZDF is showing the thriller “Friesland – Hand und Fuß”. When is the TV broadcast? Who are the actors in the cast? How does the plot look?

Excitement in beautiful surroundings: this ZDF Today brings a new episode of “Friesland” to German living rooms. Its name: “hand and foot”. We’ve collected all the important information for you at this point: When is the TV? Who are the actors who got a role in “Friesland – Hand und Fuß”? How does the plot look? Read the answers here.

“Friesland – hand and foot” today in ZDF: TV date and broadcast in the stream

The movie “Friesland – Hand und Fuß” will be shown on Saturday, July 31, 2021, in ZDF. It starts at 8.15 pm. The episode lasts 89 minutes. Don’t want to wait? No problem: “Friesland – Hand und Fuß” is already available as a free stream in ZDF– Media library available.

Summary: What is this? ZDF– “Friesland – Hand and Foot” offense

A serendipitous horror discovery: Because he forgot his cell phone in the coffin of a deceased, the Undertaker Wolfgang Habedenk unlocked the ship again. In the coffin, the Undertaker finds not only his cell phone, but also the severed foot of a stranger.

Habedank reported Henk Cassens and Süher Özlügül the next day. Officials have serious doubts about the novel. The story seems very strange. There was also no evidence left, meanwhile the coffin and the dead were burned.

Commissioner Jan Brockhurst also joins the chorus of skeptics. He is also convinced that Hapidank’s version cannot be correct. Instead, he believes there is a connection to the unsolved case of Wilhelmshaven going back to the past. Brockhorst was unsuccessful in arresting a serial killer at the time. Did you hit again?

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When a woman’s severed hand is found at a crematorium site, detectives are in the middle of a mysterious case that still holds many surprises in store for them.

Actors: Which actors play in ZDF– The offense “Friesland – Hand und Fuß” with?

  • Henk CasesMaxim Muhammed
  • Seher Azlogul – Sophie Dahl
  • Ansa Scherzinger – Teresa Underberg
  • Wolfgang Hebedank – Holger Stockhaus
  • authorized Jan Prokhorst – Felix Furtler
  • Brita shot – Louise Heyer
  • Michael MeissnerPhilip Hochmer
  • Elizabeth FaithNew Sonsee
  • Ingo Kesslerit was big for you
  • Olaf Hungerball – Lacher sign
  • Professor Bertram – Wolfgang Brigler
  • Martha KesslerFrederic Frederick
  • neighbor – Christina Baerhaus

Stream: “Friesland – Hand und Fuß” as a repetition in the media library

You are not restricted to TV schedules. You can stream “Friesland – Hand und Fuß” for free at any time ZDFGet the library.


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