Pirate-themed Battle Royale Mode Now Available for World of Warcraft

Blizzard Announces New Standalone Battle Royale Mode, Plunderstorm, for World of Warcraft

In an exciting update for World of Warcraft fans, Blizzard has announced a new standalone battle royale mode called Plunderstorm. This limited-time event is part of the game’s 10.2.6 content update and is set in the picturesque Arathi Highlands.

Players can jump into Plunderstorm solo or team up with a friend as a duo, battling it out to be the last pirate standing in each match. As they explore the map, players will come across lootable spells, abilities, and upgrades while searching for treasure chests and defeating enemies.

Exciting rewards await those who emerge victorious in Plunderstorm, including the coveted Plunderlord parrot mount, Bubbles the crab pet, cosmetics, and in-game currency for the Trading Post. To access the Plunderstorm mode, players simply need to navigate to World of Warcraft’s game menu and create a new character. While no expansions are required to play, a WoW subscription is necessary.

In addition to the announcement of Plunderstorm, Blizzard veteran Chris Metzen revealed The War Within expansion at BlizzCon 2023. This expansion kicks off the Worldsoul Saga story arc for World of Warcraft, promising players an immersive and captivating new chapter in the game’s lore.

World of Warcraft fans have a lot to look forward to with the introduction of Plunderstorm and the upcoming expansion, promising exciting new adventures and challenges in the beloved virtual world.

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