Pietro Boselli’s “best math teacher” gives advice on nutrition

Pietro Boselli’s “best math teacher” gives advice on nutrition

Pietro Boselli (34) is a real all-rounder. The engineer with a PhD is a fitness guru, influencer, and model with his own fashion label. But he really became known as “the most exciting mathematics teacher” while teaching at the University of London. Now he’s revealing to his fans what he pays attention to in his diet.

There seem to be people who succeed in whatever they set out to do. Pietro Boselli seems to be one of the lucky ones. The 34-year-old is not only an in-demand model, but also an engineer with a PhD, mathematics lecturer, fitness influencer, and even has his own sportswear brand. He became known around the world in 2015 when he taught Mathematics at the University of London. Soon he was given the unofficial title of “the hottest math teacher”. The combination of muscles and brains is particularly evident in Pietro Boselli. And so his fitness and nutrition advice, which he posts on YouTube, has a mostly scientific basis. FITBOOK takes a look at the nutritional tips Italians swear by.

Pietro Boselli offers three “simple” nutritional advice

Like Pietro Boselli in one of his most recent films videos Himself notes that there are so many different dietary guidelines and recommendations that it’s easy to get lost in it. What should you pay special attention to? What is the most important? These questions would always preoccupy him, as a model, he would have to constantly pay attention to his body. With twenty years of fitness experience, he has now put together three simple nutritional tips. It is kept fairly generic thus leaving enough room for everyone to incorporate their personal needs. According to Boselli, you don’t have to take any nutritional supplements, pay close attention to nutritional values ​​and definitely not go on any diet.

For him, the aspect of simplicity is especially important. Because if the nutritional advice is too complicated and difficult to implement in everyday life, you quickly give up on it again. However, even in following his advice one needs to be disciplined, or it will not work.

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1. Always prepare food yourself

Pietro Boselli’s first piece of advice: prepare food at home. Because only if you always prepare your food yourself can you know what’s inside. Therefore, you should not eat ready meals such as frozen pizza and eat in restaurants as rarely as possible. Both options suffer from the fact that the customer is presented with a dish that is as cheap and tasty as possible, which is why table sugar and lots of (cheap) fat are often used because they carry cheap flavours. For Boselli, the easiest way to consume these unhealthy ingredients is to avoid prepared and restaurant foods altogether.

His radical recommendation: If something has more than three ingredients and is packed too, you’d better not buy it. Instead, you should start cooking and preparing your own meals from individual healthy foods. “I prepare all my food at home. When I eat out, I don’t like it and I can even taste the unhealthy side of it,” the fitness influencer explains.

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2. Prefer traditional foods

As a proud Italian, the 34-year-old naturally relies on traditional Italian cuisine. But by traditional food he does not mean dishes that are specific to each country, but dishes that have been tried and tested for centuries, if not thousands of years. According to Boselli, many of the current dietary recommendations are based on current scientific knowledge. However, there are also studies that show that many traditional foods provide us with optimal nutrients and keep us slim. Italians and Japanese have the lowest number of overweight people in the world. Two cultures very closely related to their traditional cuisine. A fitness expert counts, for example, among the foods particularly nutrient-dense:

3. Listen to your body

The last tip is definitely one of the hardest to implement: you should listen to your body and its needs. But that’s exactly what’s difficult, because so many people have forgotten how to do it over the years. We often eat out of habit, out of boredom, or to reward ourselves. In the process, many people’s natural sense of hunger and satiety is lost. In addition, we are not interested in what the body really needs, but in what we think may be good for us.

However, since each body metabolizes food differently, not everyone can tolerate high-fiber foods, for example, even though they are fundamentally healthy. So it doesn’t make sense to eat a lot of beans, lentils, and whole grains if your body is having a hard time digesting them. What is good for us According to Pietro Boselli, our body is the best evidence for this question. We just have to listen to it more. We must pay special attention to the following points:

  • appetite
  • Dorset
  • Cravings/cravings for certain foods
  • Mood Swings
  • Energy level
  • The ability to focus

However, one must also consider external factors such as skin hygiene, breath odor, sleep quality, and performance. Because if you eat wrong and train wrong, these points are also affected. Therefore, you must exercise regularly and prepare traditional food at home. Then you will also notice positive effects. For example, the desire to eat unhealthy foods decreases. And you develop a natural feeling of hunger and satiety again. Then you don’t have to take any nutritional supplements. And as a final extra tip, the fitness influencer advises: Pay attention to variety. Instead of always eating the same thing, you should provide variety so that the body gets all the nutrients it needs.

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Conclusion on Nutrition by Pietro Boselli

Basically, Pietro Boselli’s Big Three nutritional tips are good and true. However, they do have a few catches. Preparing your own food exclusively at home can also be misunderstood by some as bread with Nutella or cornflakes with milk. Here it is important to emphasize that the ingredients should be as natural and healthy as possible. When it comes to traditional food, vegetarians and vegans are at a disadvantage. Because meat and dairy products are part of many traditional dishes. So it is difficult to cover your protein requirements if you are cutting out meat, fish and eggs. And to listen to your body also needs to be learned. For example, those who are under stress often have cravings for sugary foods because the brain needs fast carbohydrates. However, instead of giving in to this natural urge, one should reduce the stress of daily life. The desire to eat sweets also decreases.


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