People: Boris Becker sues Oliver Bucher

People: Boris Becker sues Oliver Bucher

Becker v. Pocher, soon also in court: The civil lawsuit revolves around a contribution from RTL’s “Pocher – Dangerously Honest”.

Ex-tennis star held in British prison Boris Becker He goes to court against TV comedian Oliver Bucher on July 26. The civil lawsuit will be heard in Offenburg County Court, a judicial spokesperson announced Tuesday.

The two do not have to appear in person, which would also be difficult in the case of the Bakers: he is currently Great Britain In prison for hiding the money of millions from bankruptcy trustees. The first court date in Offenburg in May was postponed.

Among other things, Becker wants to make sure that Pocher is no longer allowed to show a TV report from the RTL show “Pocher – Dangerously Honest”. In this, Boucher deceived the tennis player. A call for donations was launched under the slogan “Make Boris Rich Again”. According to the court, the article shows that Baker also received the money – but without knowing it: the money was combined into a supposed costume prize that Baker received on the show.

A court spokeswoman clarified that “the plaintiff did not know that the award was created and awarded to the plaintiff for the sole purpose of sending the cash amount collected – hidden in the award shield.” According to her, the case relates to dry press law issues. Judgment on that day is unlikely.


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