Parts of a woman’s body found in the garden: the husband confesses to the crime

Officials have discovered the dismembered body parts of a woman in a Paris park. A little later, her husband confessed to the crime – and gave a reason.

After the dismembered body of a woman is found in a Paris park, the husband confesses to the crime. And the newspaper “Le Parisien” and the “France Info” station, referring to the judiciary, stated that after his confession on Friday, the man should appear before the investigating judge. The man is said to have justified the act with years of arguments within the family.

The body parts were discovered in mid-February in the famous Petis-Chaumont park in northeastern Paris. She was a 46-year-old woman who was reported by her husband on 6 February.

When questioned by the police, the man fell into contradictions and was arrested. Investigators found no evidence on security cameras that the woman left the apartment building at the appointed time, nor that the man had launched a search as he had claimed. The numerous calls alleged to locate his wife were not present. The couple has three children, ages 8, 14 and 16.


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