Paraguay: Cases of chikungunya are nationwide

Chikungunya Falls in Paraguay

The Directorate General of Health Surveillance of Paraguay reports that a total of 11,649 cases of chikungunya were recorded in the last three weeks (weeks 8, 9 and 10).
The epidemiological curve is currently on a plateau, however, the Chikungunya epidemic has spread across the country. Cases have fallen somewhat in Asuncin and Central, but have risen inland.

The areas where the most cases occur are:

  • Central (47%)
  • Asuncion (20%)
  • Upper Baran (8%)
  • Amabaye (4%)
  • Paraguay (4%)
  • Cordillera (3%)
  • Ghawar (3%)
  • pregnancy (3%)
  • Itaba (2%)
  • Chief Hayes (2%)

In the central region, the epicenter is still San Lorenzo. The Asuncín neighborhoods with the most cases are still Barrio Obrero, Saguña, San Pablo and Roberto El Petti among others.

To date, 51 deaths have been confirmed, most of them in children and adults over the age of 60.



Dengue virus transmission


To avoid infection, travelers should use insect repellents that contain the active ingredient DEET or Icaridin Protection from insect bites.


>> What:, 17.03.2023

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