Does Vladimir Putin have a weakness? Kremlin expert gives a hint

Does Vladimir Putin have a weakness?  Kremlin expert gives a hint

Does Kremlin President Vladimir Putin stand by him when he fears for his safety? The statements of a former Russian militant provide evidence of this.

After Vladimir Putin’s surprise visit to the Russian-occupied Ukrainian city of Mariupol, speculation continued as to whether the Kremlin chief might have one or more husbands. On social media, there is a discussion about whether he is actually in Mariupol or an optical twin instead. You can read more about registrations from Mariupol here.

In this vein, an older video providing evidence for the doppelganger theory has now surfaced. Speaking in the video is Igor Girkin, a hardline Russian and harsh critic of the Kremlin, who has verbally attacked Putin several times in the past as too weak.

In the recording, Gherkin says he can tell when he’s the real Putin and when he’s a duplicitous. Igor Girkin believes that the Vladimir Putin who appeared in the Orthodox Church on Russian Christmas was “real”.

imago photos 0197977382
Putin is alone in the church: on Christmas he portrayed himself in Moscow in front of the images of Orthodox saints. (Source: IMAGO / Mikhail Klimentyev)

If Putin sits in front of visitors at oversized conference tables — sometimes just a meter apart — he is also the real Putin.

It is different with appearances, where the head of the Kremlin hands out medals and hugs the people – that is, approaches the people. “There are many of them,” says nationalist military blogger Jerkin. He claims that in the group he can tell the real Putin from a duplicitous person.

The video was already in circulation before the visit to Mariupol, and therefore does not answer a double question that could have been used now. If the hardliner is right, Putin may have actually traveled to the Ukrainian city and then showed up when a great distance from other people was guaranteed. If one follows Girkin’s theory further, a deceptively real surrogate can be used in recordings that, according to the Kremlin, show Putin during conversations with residents.


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