Opening appointments for volunteers

Martinicans can now register to reserve a vaccination slot via the dedicated call center at 05 96 42 55 60. This is for people who would prefer to be vaccinated against the Coronavirus with a vaccine without Messenger RNA.

Unlike a product developed by Pfizer-BioNTech Laboratories, NOVAVAX does not use Messenger RNA technology. It is also not a viral vector vaccine, like Janssen’s vaccine.

The same method is used for vaccines against whooping cough, meningococcal meningitis and hepatitis B. Practically speaking, this product is called a “subunit” (because it carries only part of the virus, not all).

The US lab product was approved by the European Medicines Agency on December 20, 2022, and then by the High Authority for Health (HAS) on January 14, 2022.

The vaccination will start from Monday. Martinique has so far received 20,000 doses of Novavax. Each vial contains ten 0.5 ml doses. The vials are filled in groups of ten. The closed bottle can be stored for nine months between 2 and 8 °C protected from light. Once opened, it should be used within six hours and stored at 2-25°C.

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