Home Top News Olympic Games: German handball players lack stealing at the start of the Olympics

Olympic Games: German handball players lack stealing at the start of the Olympics

Olympic Games: German handball players lack stealing at the start of the Olympics

This defeat was not necessary: ​​German handball players are not the worst team against Spain. In the next Olympic match, they are the favorites.

Subsequently, at least on the German side, the participants agreed that this defeat was unnecessary. The German handball players had just lost to Spain at 27:28 and then alternately got upset with the referees, the opponents or themselves, and everything was a little OK.

Shortly before the end of the match, the referees made at least some strange decisions against the Germans. Then the Spaniards are said to have intentionally wet the ball to cause a technical error. Finally, there was the scene a few seconds before the end when the Germans accidentally got the ball back, but trivially missed the chance to equalise. Philip Weber summed up: “Now they can’t sleep from laughing because they won.”

Handball at the Olympic Games: Germany presents itself to Spain as an equal competitor

What remained, however, was the realization that we were an equal opponent to the European champions and the favorites for Spain. National coach Alfred Jeslason found a surprisingly creative combination, especially in attack. And also the defensive section surrounding Hendrik Beckler and Johannes Peter, who was strong against Spain in goal, presented themselves reasonably well.

But you can also see that the Germans still lacked the deception of experienced Spaniards at crucial moments. So after the match, Jeslason stood in the catacombs at Yoyogi National Stadium looking grouchy as usual. In front of him were two small tables on which the mobile phones of reporters were placed to record the words of the national coach. This is also one of the wonders of these games, because in mixed areas there is an obligation to keep a distance – monitored by enthusiastic helpers. The interrogators remained obedient in their designated places and shot their questions across the room. Of course, it was about the judges, but what Jeslason presented so elegantly, he had to watch again on video. At the moment he is not particularly satisfied with the result. The first half was good, but after the break the team lost a bit.

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Against Argentina, the first victory for German handball players should come in this Olympic Games

But above all it was about what this game meant for the rest of the tournament. The top four teams from two groups of six qualify for the quarter-finals. Germany meets Argentina on Monday. “We can rule out that the team played well. Even if it wasn’t perfect. We could have played better and we could have beaten Spain,” Jeslason said. Just a day after that, all the anger and resentment about the Spain match left the players’ minds. The scenes were analyzed. Decisive again via a video study, because of course the South Americans are supposed to win their first victory.

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Jeslason said sincerely that Argentina is also an unpleasant opponent. Knowing very well that Spain’s rating should be much stronger. “We just have to focus on ourselves now.” You will no longer face Spain in the group, but everyone will still be the European champions in front of their chests. Jeslason: “We just have to get our points against the others. However, the start was disappointing because I think we deserved to win.”


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