Olympia 2021: Poland accuses Belarus in the Kristina Timanovskaya case of attempted kidnapping

condition Belarusian Olympic participant Kristina Timanovskaya It causes excitement outside the world of sports and has long reached an important political dimension. Finally, the Polish Prime Minister intervened Matthew Moraveki On. Calls for consequences for driving in Minsk. Moraviki spoke of a “criminal attempt to kidnap a female athlete who criticizes the Belarusian regime.”

The prime minister demanded in a Facebook post on Monday evening that “the aggression of the Belarusian security services on Japanese territory” should be met with “strong opposition from the international community.”

Morawiecki warned that the Olympics should be a symbol of peace and equity. According to the opposition in her country, the runner survived an imminent kidnapping from the host country.

The Belarusian League only initially said that Timanovskaya would not participate in further competitions due to her “emotional and psychological state”. However, she herself called this representation a “lie”. It seems that Belarus has not yet responded to a request for clarification of the situation by the International Olympic Committee, or at least not publicly.

Meanwhile, Timanowskaja was received at the Polish Embassy in like Humanitarian visa. Morawiki stressed that one is ready to give her the opportunity to continue her sporting career. The 24-year-old is expected to be Warsaw It arrives.

The athlete’s husband is also coming to Poland

It appears that Tymanovskaya was due to be repatriated early in the Tokyo Olympics against her will on Sunday night after she publicly criticized her country’s sports officials. She turned to the police at the airport and no longer wanted to return to Belarus. The athlete said she fears for her safety.

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Timanovskaya’s husband claims that he moved to Belarus from Belarus Ukraine Escaped. But soon it will also be in Poland is expected.


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