Old new function: reactions to individual messages also on WhatsApp

With “Feedback”, WhatsApp gets a new functionality that has been popular and popular on many other platforms for years. This makes it possible to quickly reply to an incoming message via emojis – for example with a heart, a smiley face or a ‘thumb up’.

Now this functionality is gradually being made available to the general public, WhatsApp President Will Cathcart announced on Twitter. WhatsApp, which belongs to the Meta group on Facebook, has been feedback testing with beta versions since February of this year. In the beginning there are six different emoji: “thumbs up”, “heart”, “laughter”, “surprise”, “sadness” and “thank you” (praying hand). More emojis and more skin tones to follow.

Using feedback is simple: just tap and hold on the message. Then a small window will appear to choose an emoji. This functionality has been integrated into almost all messaging apps for years and aims to enable quicker reactions than typing an answer.

WhatsApp announced the reactions last month as part of the launch of its new group chat feature, Communities. This innovation gives users the opportunity to organize activities within a cohesive network. WhatsApp wants to use the calling function to facilitate communication, especially for schools, local clubs, and non-profit organizations. This includes replying to messages with emojis.


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